Dish Cleaning Tips


For the dishes the best tip is to wash them regularly and don't let them to stay for prolonged amounts of time since they will become stale.

If you let the dishes stay for a longer time the bacteria will multiply and that might invite some of the insects as well.

The order of doing the dishes is not particularly important but it is recommended that you start with the utensils first if you can get them all since they are small and you are left with the plates and other larger dishes after.

Hot water

Hot Water
One of the best tips when washing dishes is to use hot water. Using hot water will help kill off more bacteria and it will help you wash down the grease and clean your dishes faster. It also will dry more quickly than cool water and will prevent leaving the grease film that you can see if you use water temperatures under 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32C).

If you follow these tips, it is very likely that your dishes will be clean and you will not have much problems with them.

Quick tips: